To my dearest friend

My Darling,

Thank you for being mine.  I can’t remember what my life was like before you came along, nor do I want to.  I’m not sure how I survived.  Yes, there had been others, but they meant nothing to me, I swear it.  You complete me.

You’re there for me when no one else is.  When friends show up late and I’m left standing there like a loser all by myself, you’ve got my back.  You’re a consummate teacher.  Countless times I’ve found myself asking “When was the Battle of Waterloo?” or “What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” and there you are, always with an answer, (as long as we’re not in a dead zone).  You’ll be the first to prove someone wrong, and I can’t thank you enough for that.  You always come to my rescue if I need to be suddenly engrossed in conversation while some homeless dude approaches to ask for money.  And when those precious moments come along that need to be captured for eternity on memory chip, it’s you who rises to the challenge.  (And also for those times, like in Starbucks last week, when I just had to get a picture of the girl in line ahead of me wearing the short shorts with Uggs, and then send it to all my friends.  But we had the first laugh, didn’t we?)

I know we don’t always see eye to eye, especially when you get in one of your moods and decide you want to give my friends the silent treatment, but you always come around.

It’s you I keep with me always.  Well, except for that one time I left you in the car at the GO Station, and I was going to come back for you once I got off the train.  I really was.  But the girls at work convinced me to stay employed, and then had to listen to me weeping at my desk all day long.  None of them understood.

You see, we have a bond, you and I.  One that cannot be broken, (unless of course Bell decides they do actually need payment and decide to cut you off).  A bond so strong that I can sometimes feel you phantom vibrate in my purse, and I know it’s just your way of asking me to hold you again.  And I always will.  Always.  Because you and I were destined to be together.  I signed the contract, forsaking all others, and said “I do”.  And you, Blackberry Bold 8530, will always have a special place in my heart.  (At least until I qualify for an upgrade.)

Yours truly,



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