I’m happy dammit!

It’s been brought to my attention, by a handful readers who shall remain nameless, that I could be perceived as a slightly angry or depressed person, based on what I’ve posted thus far.  Truth be told, it was mentioned after only my second blog so it has been in the back of my mind for some time (a week).

In my defence, I really am a very happy person.  😀  See?  If you know me, you know that I’m always quick to laugh or share a funny story, usually at my own expense, although everyone is fair game.  I’m not unkind, (unless you’re a moron), and I would give someone the shirt off my back (just as long as it’s not winter; this is Canada for crying out loud).  I don’t think all people are assholes or stupid, it just seems that those are the ones I deal with most often.

And I’m sure those same nameless readers only told me because they are dear friends, and want other people to see me the way they see me.    Which proves something; shitty people don’t have good friends like that, ergo I’m not a shitty person.  Or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself, as I wouldn’t want to sink any further into depression.

…not to be confused with Mr. Happy Ending

And I’ve wanted to post something cheery.  I really have.  But every time I get an idea that has a positive spin, I always seem to reach a point and ask myself  “and then what?”.  A few sentences in and I’m bored.  Perhaps it comes down to my own preferences when reading other people’s blogs.  I’m never drawn to the perky after-school-special type blogs about hamsters that ride skateboards or a little girls who discover the cure for warts.  I’m more of a funny, sarcastic kinda girl.  Those are the one’s I read.  As a result, those are the one’s I write.  Plus I’m lazy, so it’s much easier for me to write a facetious blog about the GO train community than it is my love of reading, which was a possibility by the way.  (Please cover your mouth when you yawn).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading others as well.  Witty travel blogs, or blogs discussing world issues.  Unfortunately I don’t travel, nor do I feel qualified enough to weigh in on a specific world issue in more than one or two sentences without giving myself a migraine.  Plus I would expect to be graded on it.

So, I have to find my happy place.  Somewhere I can be positive and not be bored to tears.  Once a week was suggested, although I think that’s awfully selfish and demanding of you, (you know who you are).  But I appreciate the feedback, and I will do my best.  (Wasn’t that nice of me, and not angry at all right?).  Honestly I’m just happy any one is reading it at all.


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