Racism, with a smiley face

“throw them all a basketball that should stop the riots :D”
Facebook status of a friend who lives in Tottenham.

Being rendered speechless is not something I’m all that familiar with, but I was last night when I saw this.  Utterly speechless.

I then noticed that others had commented on his status, and thought that surely he’s taking flak for his remark.  Turns out that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  The comments were, in fact, helpful suggestions, such as giving out fried-chicken to the rioters.  Oh, and watermelon.

I was bewildered.  Angry.  Embarrassed.  I’ll be honest, I started writing, and then started again, because I couldn’t find the right way to convey my thoughts.

I’ve seen a city in the midst of a riot.  I’ve watched a bunch of hooligans, with no other motive than to wreak havoc, trashing stores and setting police cars on fire.  It’s infuriating to bear witness to.  Bastards!  Assholes!  Idiots!  These are a few of the more mild names I had for the mob of mostly young adults that ransacked and plundered Toronto last year.  Oh sure, I was classifying them – into the “Idiot” genus.  A look at footage from England would lead me to believe that it’s this the same classification of people at the root of the violence there.  Stupidity isn’t a colour.

I sometimes forget that there are still so many ignorant people out there.  And I don’t typically associate with the narrowminded, so they’re easy to overlook.  But then thankfully something like this comes along, and I’m reminded once again to appreciate the good, honest friends that I do have, and delete all the others.


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