On yoga, and more yoga, and other stuff related to yoga, and…

I’ve done yoga.  In fact, I quite enjoy yoga.  If I wasn’t quite so busy (lazy), I might actually take it up permanently.  However in my limited experience with enrolling in yoga classes, I was never asked to sign a contract that would require me to propagandize yoga with my every waking breath.  Is this limited to individual yoga studios perhaps?  Was there a law in ancient India decreeing that all who practice yoga must also inundate those around them with talk of yoga?  If so, I was not made aware of it.

I understand being passionate about something.  (I have a child).  I understand wanting to share your experiences with others.  (Let me tell you about my train-ride-from-hell this morning!).  I even understand that your life revolves around it.  (Did I mention I have a child?).  What you need to understand is that those around you don’t always share your feelings.  If you have an anecdote to share about your yoga instructor splitting the seam of his lululemon man-pris during a particularly rousing revolved-triangle pose, by all means, quip away.  But when I have to hear that you so need to get to yoga because you haven’t been in the last 3 hours, or that your going to miss yoga tonight but your going first thing tomorrow at 4 am, or that last night’s class was awesome because you did a headstand for 2 hours, 41 minutes, and 13 seconds, beating your original time of 2 hours, 39 minutes, and 25 seconds, all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher.  (I realize that was probably one of the longest sentences in history, however, it all goes to my point).  Please stop!

We, and I can say we because I know there are more of us out there, we don’t care!  We did care.  We really did.  When it was new to you, and to us, and not repeated at 30 second intervals.  Rather than warming us to your cause – Go Downward Facing Dog! – all you’ve managed to do is make us realize that you have nothing else to talk about.  (What?  Oh yes!  There is more out there.  So much more!)

A yoga class is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been.  The meditating, the spirituality, the QUIET, (aside from the occasional snore or passing of gas).  Is the irony lost here somehow?  Become focused.  Become centred.   Become calm.  And then shut the hell up about it!


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